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3 Dimensional Traditional Swallow Spread-Wings

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Image of 3 Dimensional Traditional Swallow Spread-Wings
  • Image of 3 Dimensional Traditional Swallow Spread-Wings

Months of fumbling design work went into creating these models using 3D modeling software that I didn't have much experience with. Once the designs were complete, using the cutting edge tech for 3d printing, the objects were brought to life from the digital world and into reality. The 3d renders are printed using a powder filament that is melted layer by layer with lasers (LASERS!!) called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) which makes the models sturdy, durable and ready to paint to your liking! Each swallow comes with a hook to hang easily from anywhere. Finally you can hold a traditional tattoo in the palm of your hand, welcome to the future!

*** Limited, precious metal versions coming soon***

* Classic Traditional Tattoo Design
* Made with the cutting edge of 3d Printing Technology
* Created with the most durable, powder printing filament available
* Measuring in at two sizes of 4 inches and 2.3 inches (100mm & 60mm)
* Shipped from Europe
* Printed on demand and In the Post within 8-10 business days or less
* Holding these prints is known to make you more attractive and sucessful

*** for EU shipping choose everywhere else, only available in the EU, UK, USA, Australia, and Canada***

available for special orders upon request.