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*ORIGINAL* Black Haired Orthodox Lady Pierrot

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Image of *ORIGINAL* Black Haired Orthodox Lady Pierrot

Lining and painting a sheet at sea is no joke, it's difficult enough to do it when you're not getting tossed around by the might of the Poseidon. This series of three ladies were painted in 2018 on my various seafaring adventures. Since these gals were painted at sea, (and I will venture to guess that a lot of tattoo flash isn't), they're priced to reflect that. Honestly, I have grown very fond of them due to the circumstances of my life that were occurring while painting them and the escape I found while working on them. Therefore, I'm having trouble with the idea of letting them go, but then again, I do need to eat.

* Original Artwork
* Painted aboard the CMA CGM Andromeda while crossing the Mediterranean Sea
* Metallic Paint in background halo
* On Arches Cold Press Watercolour 140 LB Paper
* Measuring in at 11x14 inches (28x36cm)
* Shipped in Space-age materials
* In the Post within 3-5 business days, shipping from somewhere in Asia
* Giclée Prints also available