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Start Me Up: Sponsorship Level One


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  • Image of Start Me Up: Sponsorship Level One
  • Image of Start Me Up: Sponsorship Level One

Best I can figure, over the years I have managed to narrow my spending to a lean $100 per day on the road. Thats one meal, a roof over my head and whatever transport necessary with the change left over. With your assistance I'll be able to afford that one meal I may have otherwise skipped and ultimately help me achieve my lofty goals to continue my adventures, sail the last of the 7 seas (only 2 remain) and actually EAT!

There are 3 tiers for level one sponsorship! $20, $29 & $47 increments.

For your support you'll be rewarded! With your kind sponsorship you'll soon find in the post a shuffled & at random, a pair of Yorkatronic Brand No 1129 Playing Cards, The Galaxies Finest with the EXCLUSIVE, Quantum Fabric of Spacetime Finishâ„¢

Not only that dear potential sponsoring amigo!!

In addition to your Quantum Space Age, Space Poker hand you'll also receive a handful of stickers for your vandalizing pleasure!

BUT WAIT!! The Kooky Space Aged Fun is JUST BEGINNING!!!

With each deck you'll be automatically entered into a world wide match of "Yorkatronic Quantum Two Card" Texas Holdem' You'll be playing against the other legendary sponsors for a fantastic prize. Over $100 value and of course, winner takes all, you'll be notified before the flop will drop via my Instagram stories August of 2020.

Wanna up your odds?! Go on then!! With each tier of level one sponsorship you'll get additional hand(s) of poker to play.

WILD!!! You've never had this much fun giving money away to weirdos HAVE YOU!!??

All this AND you'll be supporting a noble cause, to help me see more of this Earth and its people so I might spread the knowledge I gain back into our world to help unite us. You'll be helping me fill the coffers after a decade of plundering my every resource dry. You'll help me eat, sleep and survive the coming year of challenges to match mighty Odysseus...honestly, I'm not sure I would be able without your help.