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Spaced Out and About

My name is Yorkatronic. I’ve been on the road since early 2011, immersed in the most dramatic and wonderful places Earth offers, feeding my wanderlust, exploring and learning. I have circumnavigated the earth three times, traveled hundreds of thousands of miles through countless countries and experiences. I am currently closing in on my ultimate goal of a decade on the road. I have flown, bussed, trudged, driven, crossed oceans by ship and continually learned about the cultures of our species. One of my goals is to document my adventures unflinchingly and truthfully so that one day I might help find keys to unite our people, to find erasers for conjured map lines and cultural differences that are used to separate us. It is the most honorable privilege to travel as I do; to work a job that affords me countless opportunities. I am humbled that fate chose this path for me and I feel enormous responsibility to share my experiences with others who have lived different lives so we might create a more equal and just world. 

What you’ll find here are examples of my art, in various mediums, that I am able to create while traveling full-time. With any purchase you not only buy art, design or other space-age oddities but you’re also contributing to my lofty goal of staying on the road for a full decade (a goal I set to try and match poor Odysseus lost at sea.) Any Yorkatronic purchase advances my exploration through our beautiful, complex and delicate world filled with the people and places I continue to discover daily. 

Thank you so much for your patronage. Please keep your eyes on this space for updates and exciting new products coming soon!