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Madonna de Guadalupe' Giclée Print


Image of Madonna de Guadalupe' Giclée Print

These sheets were painted in the tradition of tattooer’s of the past. Each sheet was painted using a technique called “spit-shading.” Spit-shading refers to the use of 2 brushes, one brush loaded with watercolor or ink and the second brush would usually be in the mouth or dipped in water to create smooth transitions from pigment to negative space. Watercolor is a pretty unforgiving medium normally, so that means that when painting tattoo flash you have to move quickly in order to stay ahead of the ink drying. This makes painting flash difficult, like most things tattoo related. I’m excited about these set of prints, mainly because until recently I have only painted smaller paintings until finally after a series of unfortunate events I ended up with some downtime and needed to raise some cash quickly while abroad. In that time, I was able to really knuckle down and finish the first full size sheets of my career. These Gilclée reproductions are made with the highest quality in mind. They are printed at an enormous 600 DPI, on Aquarelle Rag, highly textured paper. Making the blacks as dark as any cardinal sin and colors that snap like a Tong Po strike to Eric Sloane’s back! (that was a Kickboxer reference I'm afraid very few will get) I believe you would be hard pressed to differentiate from the originals, considering I nearly got them mixed up myself. These babies measure in at 11x14 glorious inches and weigh 310 GSM. They are as close as they could be to the original Arches watercolor paper on which they were created. These sexy morsels are ready to make your tattoo shop, love dungeon or just your bedroom wall a little more Yorkatronic for those cold and lonely nights.

* Limited to 29 Giclèe Prints
* Textured, Heavyweight Aquarelle Rag Watercolor Paper
* Measuring in at 11x14 inches (28x36cm)
* Shipped in Space-age materials
* In the Post within 3 business days
* Pigment could have been mixed with an East African Witch-Doctor's potion
* Limited, oversized editions may be available on request