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Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3


Image of Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3
  • Image of Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3
  • Image of Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3
  • Image of Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3
  • Image of Sympathy for the Devil: Sponsorship Level 3

Ok, speaking seriously now: if you clicked on this level of Sponsorship we both know you mean business of the Yorkatronic variety. That simple click reveals so much about you. You see through those glossy photos, through the toxic fog of the internet & have witnessed me smiling through the hunger, anxiety and loneliness. The best part about you opening this level of sponsorship is it really proves you're among the few that can see the higher purpose in my work...and thats exactly what it is. My job is to remain on the road until the sweet chimes of the decade clock strike their target. Then comes the true mission; to take what I've learned on the road and apply it to our future to make this world a better place. Honestly, it's difficult for me to ask for help, the only way I can really justify this is that you'll receive something in return. In reality I know that you'll make a sacrifice sometime, somewhere in order to purchase this level and for that I will never be able to express my gratitude except by following through what I started with all my heart, with every ounce I have left in your honour.

For your support you'll receive a cache of Yorkatronic rewards and games fit for royalty! If you've read the other levels you'll know that for the first time I'm offering full decks of my business (poker) cards. With your kind sponsorship you'll soon find in the post, a full deck of Yorkatronic Brand No 1129 Playing Cards, The Galaxies Finest with the EXCLUSIVE, Quantum Fabric of Spacetime Finishâ„¢

What's that you say?! One deck can't matcheth such a gen'rous sum?

You, of course are absolutely correct. There is so much more.

In addition to your Quantum Space Age, Space Poker Deck you'll also receive a handful of stickers for your vandalizing pleasure!

I know. I know. You're not getting the royal treatment, it's the same so far right?
Keep reading.

With each deck you'll be automatically entered into a shadowy game of wits AND the
world wide match of "Yorkatronic Quantum Two Card" Texas Holdem'
along and against the other legendary sponsors. Hidden among the dozens of secret codes, symbols and ancient secret society emblems on the box is a Rebus puzzle. The first one to solve the puzzle via answering by Email or DM will get an additional gift worth $100 or more in the post!!! In addition to the Rebus you'll be playing cards with us via Instagram August 2020. You'll get a hand or two of additional cards to play poker with for an additional piece of the Yorkatronic bounty.


BUT...That is not it.

I tend to enjoy making art on things that make art even more difficult. I actually like making my life hell for some god awful reason. When I was in Jr High I would fail classes until the absolute last minute just to see if I could catch up. Same principle applied here, paint on a grooved surface because...well because I wanted it to be harder. With this level of Sponsorship, be it Tier One, Two or Three, you'll receive an original piece of art on a record. There are many more than the ones pictured here. A few I completed in Amsterdam, the rest I will be completing at Sea while I'm Sailing the Atlantic & Caribbean in November '19 and shipping after.

All this AND you'll be supporting a noble cause, to help me see more of this Earth and its people so I might spread the knowledge I gain back into our world to help unite us. You'll be helping me fill the coffers after a decade of plundering my every resource dry. You'll help me eat, sleep and survive the coming year of challenges to match mighty Odysseus...honestly, I'm not sure I would be able without your help.

I've already had a couple takers at this level and I couldn't be more in awe of such generosity. I wish you good fortune and happiness, whether you purchase here or dont, the simple act of having you read this is an honour and will help keep my heart on my sleeve.